WittCon Section XIV: Return of the Dead Characters

Mar 25, 2017 in Springfield, OH, US

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WittCon Section XIV: Return of the Dead Characters is the fourteenth annual gaming convention held on the campus of Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH.  Sponsored by the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild, WittCon XIV features a full day of gaming events, vendors, contests and more.

Date:  March 25, 2017

Times:  Registration opens at 9am.  First event begins at 10am.  Games continue until midnight.

Entry Fee:  $5.00.  Your entry fee includes entrance to all gaming events (on a first-come, first-seated basis), entry into the WittCon Costume Contest and Door Prizes, and a pizza and pop dinner at 6:30.

Events at WittCon XIV include numerous scheduled role-playing and board game events, an UnPub Protozone room, demos of games from published game designers, and access to a number of local nerd-themed artists and crafters in our vendor area.

Sponsors for WittCon XIV include Artful Yokai, Beavercreek Pizza Dive, Blackfall Press, Bookery Fantasy, Epic Loot, Green's Geekery, Mythical Eras of War Games, and This Nerdy Home.

For more information on WittCon XIV, please visit our website:  WittCon Section XIV: Return of the Dead Characters