Winter Wolfcon

Nov 24-26 in Chicago, IL, US

Sparks 158 The Memories of Elbaz Station

Saturday, Nov 25, 9am-1pm (GMT-08) at Omega Station
Star Wars d6, Sparks
Written by Z. Rajput and J. Gilmour

"The Memories of Elbaz Station", by Z. Rajput and J. Gilmour. A telepathic tree begs you to return to Elbaz Station to take part in events that will determine the fate of the galaxy... And no, you're not high on death sticks. An unexpected turn of events puts you in a pivotal role in the Memories of Elbaz Station. Game Base 7’s WEG ongoing Star Wars campaign. Start a character or bring an existing Sparks character. Sponsored by: Game Base 7. Available for Replay.


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