Winter Wolfcon

Nov 24-26 in Chicago, IL, US

Sparks 214 Spec Force Double Cross

Friday, Nov 24, 9am-1pm (GMT-08) at Omega Station
Star Wars d6, Sparks
Written by D. Demarest

"SpecForce: Double Cross", by D. Demarest. With a growing need for arms and armor going unfilled Crucible Sector Command has made a deal. The heroes of the Crucible Sector have been instructed to go to Bakusa IV, and pick up a consignment of weapons and armor for the war effort. All is not as it seems on Bakusa IV though, do you have what it takes to secure the deal and make it out alive? Game Base 7’s WEG ongoing Star Wars campaign. Start a character or bring an existing Sparks character. Sponsored by: Game Base 7.


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