D&D @ Game Empire

San Diego, CA, US

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Special Announcement:  Game Empire will be open at its current location through January 20th so this month’s Game Day will happen as scheduled.  The store will be closed for moving the 21st-25th and will open at their new location at 5037 Shawline St on January 26th!  

D&D @ Game Empire hosts D&D Encounters every Thursday night at Game Empire in San Diego, as well as a monthly game day on the third Saturday of each month featuring Adventurers League organized play.  Rules for building characters and participating can be found at the game's website.  Sometimes we sprinkle other games in as well for variety.

Each game day will always offer at least one adventure that supports level 1 play, and has pregenerated characters, so that there will always be something for new players to enjoy.  We also regularly schedule higher tier adventures for more experienced  players.  You can also support the community by signing up to judge games at our events.  Please make sure you download the adventure from the Dungeon Master's Guild in order to print and prep it prior to the event.

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