SPSX 2017

29 Sep - 1 Oct, 2017 in Glasgow, ABD, GB

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Welcome to SPSX 2017

This is the  third year of SPSX, an annual event brought to you by the Scottish Pathfinder Society. The event will be held of the 30th September and 1st October at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow. Additionally, given it's popularity we'll also be hosting a social event and quiz event on the Friday evening on the 29th September.

We're happy to announce that following it's release at GenCon this year, we'll also be hosting some Starfinder Society at our event to introduce Pathfinder veterans and new players to the new system and setting.

As we have done in previous years we'll be hosting four slots across the weekend, with two on the Saturday and two on the Sunday, including new content from Season 8 and Season 9!

Tickets & Signing Up

Tickets are £25 per person for the weekend, with GM's receiving a £5 deduction for each game they GM. Both players and GM's will be eligable for convention boons.

If you wish to sign up, register for the event. If you don't wish to GM, you can just pay via PayPal and will be cleared to sign up for when the scenarios are added to the schedule. If you do wish to GM, send us an email to scottishpathfinders@gmail.com with how many and which slots you wish to GM, we will confirm how many we have available and apply the appropriate discount within 48 hours.

We have 60 player seats available  and need 10 GM's per slot!

Our charity this year will be Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity