As you follow the Taldan infiltrator deeper into the ruins of Shotep-Kara, you don’t allow yourself the luxury of examining the archaeological marvels around you. You must stay focused lest she try another trick to shake you off her tail. She enters a strange domed edifice of opaque glass, relatively intact compared to its neighbors. You open the door to follow her inside, shocked to find that the building’s entrance repels the water around it. Why would that...
In a flash, you remember Norden Balentiir’s briefing: Shotep-Kara had strange extradimensional portals, altered spaces, and connections to the Elemental Planes themselves. The inside of this building might not even be in the same dimension as the city around it! It might have been ensorcelled to prevent the elements from reaching the inside—inadvertently handy if the city were to, say, be swallowed by the ocean after a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. The inside of the building is full of Ancient Osirian hieroglyphics. Fortunately, you learned to read them during training, part of the reason the venture-captain chose you for this mission. The text dates this building to the early Age of the Black Sphinx, over 6,000 years ago, coinciding with the reign of the Four Pharaohs. Skimming the hieroglyphics as you glance around for the woman in the foppish hat, you note that this place was a repository for reports by scholars and archaeologists loyal to the Four Pharaohs. The walls honor the sacrifices of their fallen on behalf of the gods Nethys and Thoth. You follow the woman’s trail to a strange altar, though she is nowhere in sight.
“Impressive, following me here,” she calls out from somewhere nearby, in Ancient Osiriani of all languages, “but it ends here. Guardians, destroy the intruders!”

This Adventure Requires:
• The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy’s Mask Base Set, including The Half-Dead City Adventure Deck.
• If you have 5 or 6 players, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy’s Mask Character Add-On Deck is also required.
• During this adventure, the game box should include only cards with set indicators of B, C, P, or 1.


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