ShadowCon - Organized Play Campaigns

Jan 5-6 in West Memphis, AR, US

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Clarion Hotel 
2007 S Service RD. 
Tel: 1-870-735-4055 
Toll Free: 1-877-424-6423 

Online signups are now closed.  New signups or changes should be made at the convention.

The official site for the ShadowCon convention can be found at This Warhorn site is for sign-up for Organized Play games such as Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, and D&D Adventurer's League. 

You will be required to have a ShadowCon badge to play at the table. The final muster for all tables will take place at ShadowCon.  Those signed up on Warhorn will be given preference in in mustering.

If you don't see a game you'd like scheduled contact us at and we'll see about adding it to the schedule.

You MUST be registered with the ShadowCon convention for admittance to the gaming tables. You MUST have a ShadowCon Badge to be able to game.

CURRENT SHADOWCON REGISTRATION OFFERINGS - go to the ShadowCon XXII website at for more information and to register for ShadowCon.