Seeker Con

Aug 12-13 in Orlando, FL, US

This event is over.

Announcing Seeker Con at Cool Stuff Games in Waterford Lakes/Orlando, FL August 12-13

Dust off that old PC and come on down to Seeker Con.  Only events available at Seeker Con will be 12th level plus.

There is no cost to Seeker Con, but we ask that you patronize Cool Stuff Games during your visit as a thank you for the free air conditioned venue.

We are limited to only four tables (24 players per slot) so please sign up  for your preferred selection quickly. We will remove and add events depending on the demand.

As always, we need judges – if you don’t have a PC to play or you are a grognard who has played these events, please volunteer to judge.  We will be requesting judge swag from Paizo, but not promised.

There are some specifics on these scenarios to note:

Eyes of the Ten is a four part series meant to start at exactly 12th level.

All for Immortality is a three part series meant to be played in order.

Wardens of the Reborn Forge is a three part series and meant to be played through both days.

Venue Information:

Located near UCF.

Nearby restaurants:
Ale House                                       Bahama Breeze               California Pizza

Chuy’s Mexican                             Crispers                                           Cocina Latina

Fuji Sushi                                         Keke’s Breakfast Café    Longhorn Steakhouse

Red Lobster                                    Smashburger                   TGI Fridays

Too Jays

Hope to see you there!

Dawn Reed