SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 18-21, 2019 in Columbia, SC, US

Do you remember those magical days of the 1980s, when Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons offered kids heaping doses of excitement, action, and fun? There were huge sentient robots, paramilitary forces, science fantasy barbarians, and everything in between! Well, guess what? Those days have returned! With Cartoon Action Hour, you can re-live it all... but this time, you're the star!

This is not just a generic RPG decorated with cartoon art. It was designed from the ground up to recreate every aspect of the action cartoons of the Big '80s by using what we call "cartoon logic" rather than the more mundane brand of logic found in the real world -- from fast-paced action in which nobody actually dies to the PSAs that appeared at the end of each episode. If it was in the retro-toons, it's in Cartoon Action Hour!

For this time slot, players will get to play through multiple cartoons, and decide a Saturday morning lineup.

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