SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 18-21, 2019 in Columbia, SC, US

The land you are leaving is barren and dead, ravaged by dark magic. Before you lies Ambria with its rampant rivers, bountiful forests and fertile soils, promising well-earned rest for weary souls. But will it deliver? The region you are headed for is ancient. Under the sublime surface, age-old conflicts still run hot and the northbound refugees gush out over the landscape like lamp oil over a smoldering hearth.

A wintry breeze follows you and your companions through the Titans, the mountain range separating the dead Alberetor in the south from Ambria up north. It is still far from certain that you will reach your destination. Many of your exiled brothers and sisters have perished on the way, from hunger or exhaustion or in the jaws of predators roaming the wilds. And for you there is yet another cause for concern – some of your companions claim to hear a whispering voice in the gusts of snowy mountain air.

Language (0-3): 1
Violence (0-3): 2
Sexual Content (0-3): 1
Adult Themes (0-3): 2


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