SCARAB Gaming Convention

Jan 18-21, 2019 in Columbia, SC, US

Rating: E
Language: 1
Violence: varies
Sexual Content: 1
Adult Themes: 1

The Iron tomb opens beneath RPG Pyramid. The RPG Pharaoh, awakens, and issues out the command: “Ancient Spirits of Role Playing, transform this rusting contest into, The RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge!”

Do you have what it takes to be the RPG Pharaoh’s GM? The Pharaoh’s challenge must be met: The Game Master who shows their ability to prepare and run an RPG given certain... royal constraints will win this awesome title for the year 2018. (Along with some other cool prizes, including an Eternal Membership with SCARAB Gaming Convention.)

GMs will be given random elements to work into their games, which could include:
· Plot hooks
· NPCs
· Maps
· Strange Props
· And more…

They will get (mostly) an hour to prepare their game, and run it for ordinary convention goers of SCARAB Gaming Convention, some of whom will be the Hands of the Pharaoh and maybe even the Pharaoh himself…

… but wait! The Pharaoh has declared an even bigger challenge to the GMs: Each GM will be given a Random Gaming System to run their game in! (Hint - With this new era of challenge, the system will be one that is fast, fun, and easy enough to pick up.)


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