Save vs. Hunger 2017

Apr 8-9, 2017 in Maryville, TN, US

Written by Sean Patrick

On the boarder of Arkansas and Tennessee a series of strange events are happening. Coalition forces are pushing deeper and deeper into territories they would never have risked setting foot in to kill the non-human D-Bee’s. As members of the Tomorrow Legion you have been sent out on patrol to help the people of the region both human and non-human this task will take both combat and diplomacy.

Take a journey into the Rifts Setting… 300 years in the future, our shattered Earth is recovering from an event known as the Great Cataclysm that was caused by a great war, massive natural disasters, the return of magic and all the things that came with it including D-Bee’s. An event that wiped out human civilization, brought about the return of magic and has made the Earth into something both familiar and alien with futuristic cities, towns that resemble something out of the old west, and villages that look like something from the dark ages. Humans transform and augment their bodies with bionics, robot exoskeletons, psionic-inducing brain implants, chemicals and magic to survive.

Tears in space and time – the Rifts – are doorways to anywhere. Open one and step through it to travel anywhere on the planet in a matter of seconds. Alien and supernatural beings use them to travel across the Megaverse to arrive on Earth. You are one of the champions, the heroes of mankind, or an explorer or truth-seeker, or simply a mercenary working for money who braves the savage wilderness and dares to face the demons, dragons, aliens and other weird creatures from the Rifts. As well as the forces of the Coalition an evil power of human supremacists that terrorize the non-humans in the name of protecting humanity.

Rules for the Savage Rifts system will be taught and Pre-generated characters will be provided.


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