Save vs. Hunger 2017

Apr 8-9, 2017 in Maryville, TN, US

Character levels 1-4

Written by Rydia Vielehr

SEER has learned of an attempt to intimidate Gralm, an ettin, and his followers into joining Bad Fruul’s army. HSING comes forth to communicate that she wants you to see if you can find some way to either insure Gralm remains neutral, or to encourage the creature to challenge Bad Fruul to single combat in the hopes that he might wrest control of the hill giant’s forces and turn them back from Parnast.

Playtime: 2 hours
Premiere: December 2016
Available for download and play: January 2017


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Cleric 1
Sorcerer 1
Paladin 1 (Tank)
Ranger 1
Druid 4 (Striker - Melee)