Save vs. Hunger 2018

Apr 6-8 in Maryville, TN, US

Character levels 17-20

Level Range: 17-20 (optimized for 18th level)
Adventure Designer: William Murakami-Brundage and Iam Pace
Adventure Description: The Soulmonger is shattered and its pieces scattered across the peninsula of Chult. Dire forces seek out those shards for their own nefarious purposes, and the Red Wizards are rumored to have found a number of them already. Can you wrest those necromantic artifacts from the hands of the dread mages? Part One of the Broken Chains Series.
Adventure Length: 4 hours


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Barbarian 17
Rogue 17 (Archer)
Cleric 17 (Divine Caster)
Sorcerer 18