Pathfinder at PAX Unplugged

Nov 17-19 in Philadelphia, PA, US

This event is over.

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The Philadelphia Pathfinder Society presents the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs at PAX Unplugged. As an agent of the Pathfinder Society, you'll explore the world of Golarion with fellow pathfinders to help free an elemental lord from his prison and protect the Society from those who would undermine it. As a Starfinder Society agent, you'll plunge into a far future in which Golarion has been lost, and the fractured Society must keep itself together while learning the truth about the Scoured Stars Incident that tore it apart. All Starfinder scenarios from season 1, "Year of the Scoured Stars", and Pathfinder scenarios from season 9, "Faction's Favor" will be offered, along with a selection of offerings from Pathfinder's season 8, "Year of the Stolen Storm". Sessions are 4 hours long and will be running all weekend, but make sure to join us Saturday at 3pm for a multitable interactive special where the Pathfinder Society must aid an army of primitive warriors in repelling an ancient evil force from beyond. Drop-ins are welcome, but pre-registration here will guarantee your spot.

Time: Friday and Saturday 10am-12am, Sunday 10am-7pm

Location: Room 105AB (Level 100) of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, tables 18 to 23

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your spot at a table if your sign-up shows that you're waitlisted or if your game has no GM, but we will do what we can. Pre-registration has now closed.