MEPACON Spring 2015

Apr 24-26, 2015 in Scranton, PA, US

GM: Dan Dwyer
Beginner Friendly: Yes

Description: The king has called you together as the most experienced adventurers in the realm. Illuvitar the Crimson Mage has made off with the Dragon's Tooth Scepter from the capital and is thought to have taken it back to Circle Tooth Tower from whence it originated. The king fears that it will be used to open the gateway to the lower realms and summon forth many of the demons locked away there long ago. The king's men have been unable to recover the scepter, in fact none have returned from the attempt. Sages claim on coming Night of Changes the light from the 5 full moons will illuminate the tower and allow access and success, in only 4 days.


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