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Pathfinder RPG: Pathfinder Society2 of 61 of 1

The Red Mantis have a contract to assassinate Grandmaster Torch, and the famed Absalom information broker calls in a favor from the Society to prevent his untimely demise. You must locate the Red Mantis assassins sent to kill him and eliminate the threat before they strike.

Written by Michael Kortes

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Stars Without Number2 of 61 of 1

The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes. The Jump Gates fell six hundred years ago, severing the links between the myriad worlds of the human diaspora. Now, the long isolation of the Silence falls away as men and women return to the skies above their scattered worlds. Will you be among them? Stars Without Number is designed to provide game masters and players alike with the tools to carve out worlds of their own from the darkness of the interstellar void. Elegant and smoothly playable GM tools are provided for sandbox-style adventuring among the stars, and players are given fast and flexible systems for daring exploration and bold ambitions amid the far-flung worlds of a vanished human dominion. All the classic elements of stellar adventure have room to shine in Stars Without Number. Come make them your own!

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Pathfinder RPG: Pathfinder Society4 of 61 of 1

In the city of Wati, the church of Pharasma holds a lottery allowing explorers to delve the tombs of the city's vast necropolis in search of the nation's lost glories. In the course of investigating dusty tombs and fighting their ancient guardians and devious traps, the heroes encounter a group of rival adventurers intent on keeping one tomb's treasures for themselves. At the same time, the heroes learn that a dangerous artifact has been stolen from the tomb. Can the adventurers defeat their rivals, or will they fall to the undead defenders of the city's necropolis?

Sanctioned Content: Parts 1 and 2

Written by Jim Groves

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Pathfinder RPG: Pathfinder Society1 of 61 of 1

The Pathfinder Society sends you into the undead-ruled nation of Geb for an undercover mission, not disguised as undead, but temporarily transformed into a shambling, zombie version of yourself. Can you survive the ordeal to return to the land of the living, or will your final grave be among Geb’s bones?

Written by Hyrum Savage

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World of Darkness5 of 111 of 1

Someone is targeting a companions business interest around Chicago and so far the clues lead to under the streets of Chicago. What will you find and who is interfering with your companions business interest?

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