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Melbourne, VIC, AU

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If you're new to Starfinder or Pathfinder Society, all you need do is sign up and come along! We have ready-made characters you can play to get started quickly.

Starfinder and Pathfinder Society Organised Play assumes that every player has the following resources with them at the table: *

* New players are not expected to necessarily have purchased the Core Rulebook before their first game. Come along and give the game a try, with the understanding that you will acquire the books necessary to play your character before playing your next PFS gameday or event.

Paizo Publishing produces a wide range of sourcebooks that further explore the game rules and world of Pathfinder. These volumes contain a huge variety of options to help you customise your character. You can view a frequently updated list of all campaign-legal Additional Resources online. In order to utilize content from an Additional Resource, a player must have a physical copy of the Additional Resource in question, a name-watermarked Paizo PDF of it, or a printout of the relevant pages from it, as well as a copy of the current version of the Additional Resources list. You must inform the Game Master that you plan to use Additional Resource material before play begins, so he has a chance to familiarize himself with the new material.

If you don't have time to create a new character or simply wish to try out a new character class, you may choose to use one of several level-appropriate pregenerated characters available at the Pathfinder Society organised play page or provided by the Games Master at your table. If you play a 1st-level pregenerated character, you can apply the credit for her first adventure to a newly created character of your very own. If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you can apply the credit to your character as soon as she reaches the level of the pregenerated character played. You may also opt instead to apply the credit from the non-1st-level pregenerated character played to a newly created character with the GP gained reduced to 500 GP.

There's also wealth of information regarding Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Society Organised Play on Paizo's website:

We highly recommended you create a secondary character once your primary character has reached 3rd- or 4th-level, to ensure you'll always have a character within tier, regardless of which scenarios are scheduled. While every effort will be made for you to play on the table you've signed up for, we do recommend bringing your other PFS characters (if any) to the game, just in case circumstances change.


Please use the waitlist feature if tables are full.

The sixth seat at each table is reserved for the possibility of new players that may contact me during the week but aren't yet members on Warhorn.

If no newcomers contact me before Sunday, you should be okay as the sixth player at the table.

Unfortunately, seven-player tables tend to result in a bad game experience for both players and GM, so I will turn away Waitlisted players if they're the seventh player at a table.

I'll bump the Warhorn table sizes up from 5 to 6 players on Friday evening if I think it's safe to do so, otherwise if you're not already cleared of Waitlist status, please shoot me an email to confirm on Saturday.

Nonetheless, Waitlisting remains a valuable communication tool for GMs and organisers, and we do encourage players to Waitlist if a table appears full.  If we get enough Waitlisted players, I'll try contact another GM to run an extra table if they're available and time is available to prepare the scenario.


You may continue your character's daring adventures at Pathfinder Society gamedays held every week at game stores around the country, including:

Good Games Box Hill
G1/975 Whitehorse Rd
Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone: 03 9890 1220
Good Games Box Hill - Roleplayers
[ PFS played 11am-6pm every Sunday - refer to Event Schedule ]
Good Games Melbourne
Level 1, 365 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9670 0102
[ PFS played one or two nights per week - refer to Event Schedule ]
Next Level Games Dandenong
6/106 Foster Street
Dandenong VIC 3175
Phone: 03 8774 7998
Next level Games Roleplaying Group
[ PFS played Thurs or Fri nights or Saturdays - refer to Event Schedule ]
GateKeeper Games Fitzroy North
323-327 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North VIC 3068
Phone: 03 9956 1047
GateKeeper Games
[ PFS played 12noon-6pm every Sunday - refer to Event Schedule ]
Mind Games Melbourne
244 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9663 4603
[ Special events only, eg Free RPG Day ]

and Melbourne's annual games conventions - Arcanacon, Conquest, Unicon, PAX Aus;

Are you playing Pathfinder Society at a local store, school, library or other public space, or like to start a PFS group in your area? Contact us to let us know!

If you have any questions about character options or Pathfinder Society events, please don't hesitate to contact Jena or myself or join the discussions on the Pathfinder Society Society messageboards.


Stephen (DarkWhite)
Pathfinder Society 5-Star GM
Venture-Captain, Melbourne


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