MarsCon 2018

Jan 12-14 in Williamsburg, VA, US

Written by David Quick

Return to Darker Africa

Season 2, Episode 2
March 1911. A full year has passed, and your group of intrepid excursionists will make their way back to the depths of the dark continent to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs back from his sabbatical. The way is known, but there is talk of Prussian troops and a "thunder lizard" in the jungle. Could Burroughs be in trouble?

Dark Passages is a Living campaign which chronicles the exploits of pulp heroes battling villainous horror in the industrial age of the Great War, using a custom version of the award-winning Fate system. Players can play their character in any sanctioned Dark Passages game.

Fast-play characters will be available for those who have not built their own Dark Passages character, and players can apply experience earned to their own character created at a later time.


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