Kansas City - Pathfinder Society

Kansas City, KS, US

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Greetings Pathfinders!

Come join us at various locations in Kansas City as we play through scenarios, modules, and all sorts of Pathfinder Society Play. Register now for access to sign up to play or GM. Questions? Email the event organizer or just pop on in, we'd love to have you!

If you would like to run an event at any location, please e-mail one of the event organizers.

Seth Brummond: sbrummond@gmail.com, Scott Decoursey: coastalsoul5@yahoo.com, John Lopez: kcmopd1913@kc.rr.com, Joshua North: ShevdenDR@gmail.com, Austin Suter: asuterks@gmail.com

Please note: PFS Placeholders represent normal game days. If you would like to run a game, please let us know so we can post the proper scenario name. PFSACG Placeholders will always be shown on the page as we typically decide what scenario to play upon arrival to the game store.