D&D Adventurers League at It's Gametime!

Los Angeles, CA, US

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  Welcome to D&D Adventurers League at It's Gametime! Adventurers League is a weekly “living campaign” using the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

In season six "Tales from the Yawning Portal", you will be adventuring on the continent of Faerûn, braving a variety of classic dungeons from the history of Dungeons and Dragons. From Goblin infested ruins, to lost dwarven mines, to hidden shrines deep in the jungle, adventure, wealth, and danger await!

As you participate in adventures, your characters will earn experience and treasure. You will also have the opportunity to bring those characters to other D&D public play events anywhere in the world.  Our weekly sessions last from 2-4 hours depending on the adventure. 

     It's Gametime! hosts D&D Adventurers League every Wednesday from 7:00PM–11:00PM. To sign up, please click the "Event schedule" link in the left column and claim your seat (player or DM) at one of our upcoming sessions. Also, make sure you have the following:

  • A set of polyhedral dice (available at It's Gametime!)
  • A writing utensil and scratch paper
  • A miniature or small marker to represent your character
  • A character, if you’d like to create one prior to playing. To create a character, follow the rules in the D&D Adventures League Player’s Guide (the free D&D Basic Rules will help describe the process more thoroughly).

     No prior Dungeons & Dragons experience is required to play. To learn more about D&D Encounters and the latest edition of D&D, download the free D&D Basic Rules and check out the D&D Adventurers League homepage. To learn more about this event or volunteer as a Dungeon Master, please e-mail organizer Emily Smith at emilyjeasmith@gmail.com.


If you are waitlisted feel free to drop by the store, however you should be prepared to leave unless somebody is a no-show or drops.

Any player not in attendance 15 minutes past the official start time (without prior notice to either the store coordinator or GM) is considered a no-show.  No-show players have their reserved seat made available to waitlisted and walk-in players.  No player will be seated 30 minutes past the official start time.

If you cannot make a game you have signed up to play, please remove yourself from the play list by 6pm the day of the game. If you remove yourself from the play list on the day of the game, please e-mail the organizer to inform your GMs and fellow players not to expect you. 

If you have problems with warhorn.net, please email the coordinator as soon as possible, so she has plenty of time to fix the problem.

Helpful links:

Adventurers League Player's Guide
Quickstart Guide
Character Sheet Tyranny of Dragons | Elemental Evil | Rage of Demons | Curse of Strahd | Storm King's Thunder | Tales from the Yawning Portal
Adventure Logsheet