Jan 12-14 in Cary, NC, US

Babylon, Harappa and Mohenjodaro, Atlantis... these ancient cities and others exist in a parallel universe that doesn't fully exist yet... without your help. Experiment with this unique and oft unappreciated system of Microscope, in which you will get to play multiple characters on multiple quests to define and develop the history (and future!) of this alternate universe in real-time while roleplaying. The GM will never say no, instead using the "yes, and-" method so that no matter what ideas you have, there is always room for them.

The stronger the idea, the more popular it is within the group of players, the deeper we will dive into the details and the longer we will spend roleplaying in that setting and time period. When we're finished, the universe's timeline will be a beautiful collaboration you'll want to think and talk about for days, and you'll be allowed to transfer all of your characters and their origin stories to Saturday and/or Sunday's game


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