Greyhawk Reborn Events

the mid-Atlantic states, PA, US

Character levels 1-4

The enigmatic Valley of the Mage has sat quiet and undisturbed for a generation, with most sensible people giving the dangerous region a wide berth. However, some of the residents of the western Dimwood say that there are rumblings from the Valley again, with strange creatures having been seen near the entrance to the shunned Vale. And now you have a caravan of foolhardy gnomes that may be passing within bowshot of the Valley’s miles-wide approach…

A four-hour Wilderness adventure for 1-4 level characters set in the Sheldomar Valley


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Cleric 2 (Divine Caster)
Sorcerer 3 (Arcane Caster)
Warlock 4 (Artillery)
Barbarian 1 (Striker - Melee)
Barbarian 2
Cleric 4 (Medic/Support)