Edmonton Pathfinder Society

Edmonton, AB, CA

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New players are always welcome; pre-gens and Pathfinder Society numbers will be provided, and we'll get you playing right away.

When signing up, please keep a few things in mind:

- sign-up for the table you want even if it is already full. This tells the organizers if they need to add an additional GM for that evening, and ensures you'll have a game to play when you arrive. While drop-ins are welcome, seating priority goes to the folks pre-registered on Warhorn.

- please double-check to make sure you are signing up for an event at the venue you want; this Warhorn hosts multiple event venues.

- please ensure you have filled in all requested information, and make sure you have a character that fits in the Tier of your chosen scenario.

- if attending Warp 1 regularly, please keep your scenarios up-to-date with our scenario tracker and read the scenario introductions before coming.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ross Tait, Venture Officer