Con-Tingency 2018

17-21 Jan in Fordingbridge, HAM, GB

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Five days of gaming fun in the beautiful New Forest.

Please sign up here to pre book your games.  You will be able to see all the prebookable game spaces and who you'll be playing with.  You can move between games as many times as you like but can only reserve one space per slot.

Games will be added as GMs come forward so please do check back regularly.

Of course, not all games will make it onto warhorn, some GMs like to be a bit more flexible and some players as well as GMs prefer to leave their scheduling to the last minute.  There will be lots of games available to sign up to at the event and we expect many to be added during the event.

If you can't see a game you want to play listed please contact us and we will do our best to find a GM for you.  If you find yourself without a game at the event please head to the admin desk and we will do our best to sort something out for you.

Below you will see any games that we have been told are coming but not prebooking spaces.  Click through to the event schedule to see games that are available for prebooking.


12 Person LARP - Friday night

Middenburg: a pile of refuse at the mouth of the river Siel. According to legend, Middenburg is where the gods took a dump. That certainly explains the human refuse who clog the streets. But that refuse has tales of its own. Every year on the day of Adversa, Goddess of Misfortune, the beggars of Middenburg gather for a feast paid for by the more charitable citizens of the city…

Email James Gemmell for a place (quizling13 at aol dot com)