Con-Tingency 2018

17-21 Jan in Fordingbridge, HAM, GB

Dark Scandi-fantasy game; the battered Ambrian peoples have claimed the lands south of the great and dark forest of Davokar, pushing the barbarians northward 'neath the leafy eaves. Corruption and hardship balance against the flickering flame of a new hope through the blessing of Prios and Queen Korinthia.

Up to 5 players - all ages welcome, with content moderated based on attendees. Pre-generated characters provided; adventure chosen by mutual agreement at the start of the session from those available.

Adventures: Camp Titan (troubles beset a refugee camp); The Sleepless Path (disgraced soldiers bide their time on guard duty); The Wheel of Misfortune (fleeing the war, ordinary folk face an unexpected challenge); Best Left Unspoken (a community experiences a rash of sudden and inexplicable deaths)


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