Apr 7-9 in Glen Ellyn, IL, US

This event is over.

CODCON XXII: "It's About Time!"  Jump in your TARDIS, souped-up Delorean, or telephone booth and join us in the Western suburbs of Chicago!  We'll have a wide range of gaming to choose from, including

  • various RPG events (Pathfinder, AD&D Adventures, Cthulhu, Sparks Star Wars, etc.),
  • a wealth of board and table-top games, including a massive Board Game Library,
  • video games (featuring reps from Nintendo and Sony),
  • a CosPlay Maid Cafe and Masquerade,
  • LARPs (featuring the Fantasy Revolutions Dungeon),
  • game demos,
  • a variety of vendors,
  • an Artists Alley,
  • and much more!

Only $5 a day, $10 for the whole weekend (or less, if you pre-register)!   For more details, including a schedule of events, and to register, go to  You can also find us on Facebook at