Character levels 6-8

Written by Wizards of the Coast

Written by Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The threat of Elemental Evil surfaces in different worlds of the multiverse whenever the force known as the Elder Elemental Eye tests its strength. In its current incarnation, Elemental Evil arises in the Sumber Hills. The scattered towns and isolated homesteads of this frontier now face a dire threat. If the forces of Elemental Evil can’t be defeated before they grow, madness and destruction could spread unchecked through the North. Princes of the Apocalypse presents an epic campaign against the forces of Elemental Evil.

This session is part of an ongoing campaign, and regular players will receive preference in registration. Players registered for this session will receive preference over walk-ins, even if the walk-in is a regular player in this campaign.

New players should bring a 6th-level character that is legal by Adventurer's League standards and give the GM an opportunity to review it before play.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is not being run as an official Adventurers' League game, and rewards earned here should not be carried over to official Adventurers' League games.


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Fighter ?
Druid 8 (Leader - Healing)
Rogue ? (Archer)
Monk 6 (Light Infantry)
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