Convention calendar

Dates Title Location
May 12-13 Tricon 2018 Bay City, MI, US
May 18-20 Beholder Con Boise, ID, US
May 18-20 Mallicon 2018 Cincinnati, OH, US
May 19 AL00004: Can't make a Phlan without breaking some legs Southampton, HAM, GB
May 19 QuakerCon 2018 Kernersville, NC, US
May 20 Beholdercon: Firefly RPG (sequel to Heart of Gold episode) Boise, ID, US
May 20 Firefly: Return to Deadwood (Sequel to Heart of Gold) Boise, ID, US
May 24-27 MegaCon 2018 Orlando, FL, US
May 24-27 Momocon RPGs 2018 Atlanta, GA, US
May 24-27 Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 D&D AL Phoenix, AZ, US
May 24-27 The Crit Hit Experience at Phoenix Comic Fest Phoenix, AZ, US
May 25-26 FanimeCon 2018 Tabletop Games San Jose, CA, US
May 25-27 Cherry Capital Comic Con 2018 Traverse City, MI, US
May 25-27 Roundtable Con Sharon, PA, US
May 25-28 Gamex 2018 Los Angeles, CA, US
May 25-28 Gamex 2018 Pathfinder Society Los Angeles, CA, US
May 25-28 Kublacon 2018 - Adventurers League Burlingame, CA, US
May 25-28 KublaCon 2018: Pathfinder & Starfinder Burlingame, CA, US
May 26-28 Seekerpalooza 2 (2018) Montreat, NC, US
May 26-28 Summer Wolfcon Chicago, IL, US
Jun 1-3 ETX AL 2018 Seattle, WA, US
Jun 2 Metroplex RPG Expo Plano, TX, US
Jun 8-10 Living Campaigns at Diecon 18 Collinsville, IL, US
Jun 8-10 Magic City Con 2018 Birmingham, AL, US
Jun 10 St Paul's Game Night Eden, NY, US
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