Convention calendar

Dates Title Location
Apr 29 "No Hunger" Game Day Quincy, IL, US
Apr 29 Big Chicken Con 2017 Marietta, GA, US
Apr 29 Chattanooga Tabletop Game Fest Chattanooga, TN, US
Apr 29 ConTroll 2017 Dorchester, DOR, GB
Apr 29 DDEP06-01 Relics of Khundrukar at Decode Adventures Mississauga, ON, CA
Apr 29 DevaCon Chester, CHS, GB
Apr 29 Pathfinder Society: Honors Echo Online
Apr 29 Red Raccoon Games Tabletop Day 2017 Games and Events Bloomington, IL, US
Apr 29 Tabletop Day at the Butler Area Public Library Butler, PA, US
Apr 29 Uncles Games-Day Bellevue Bellevue, WA, US
Apr 29-30 Concord Bristol Gaming Convention Bristol, BST, GB
Apr 29-30 Game Theory's RPG Day Raleigh, NC, US
Apr 29-30 Olympos Osijek, 14, HR
May 1 Monday Night (Sunless Citadel) Knoxville, TN, US
May 4-7 HMGS-South Recon 2017 Orlando, FL, US
May 5-7 1d4Con 2017 Martinsburg, WV, US
May 5-7 Lexicon 2017 - Pathfinder Society Organized Play Lexington, KY, US
May 6 EPIC Game Day @ Advantage Games Northglenn, CO, US
May 6-7 TriCon 2: Tri Harder High Point, NC, US
May 12-13 Heroic Gaming Extra Life Charity Event Roswell, GA, US
May 12-14 AnimeCon StL Adventurers League St. Louis, MO, US
May 12-14 the Seelie Court 2017 Philadelphia, PA, US
May 13 The Portal's Con Created Content Game Day Bethlehem, PA, US
May 13-14 DDAL @ Tidewater Comicon 2017 Virginia Beach, VA, US
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