Convention calendar

Dates Title Location
Oct 23 GB Tabletop Zone Online
Oct 26-29 Fallicon 2017 Cincinnati, OH, US
Oct 27-29 MileHiCon Pathfinder and Starfinder Society Denver, CO, US
Oct 27-29 Tavern Con 2017 Sanford, MI, US
Oct 28 Ankeny Starfinder Society Ankeny, IA, US
Oct 28 Fall Epic at Redcap's Corner Philadelphia, PA, US
Oct 28 Madness & Blood - Horror Game Day Richmond, VA, US
Oct 28 Pathfinder Society @ Borderlands ComicFest Greenville, SC, US
Oct 28 PFS at Wizard's Keep Muncie, IN, US
Oct 28 SE London Sat Pathfinder Game London, LEW, GB
Oct 28-29 Flying Frog Productions' DiceFest 2017 Redmond, WA, US
Oct 28-29 JenCon 2017 Sheffield, SHF, GB
Oct 28-29 Montreal Adventurer's League Game Day October 2017 Montreal, QC, CA
Oct 28-29 NPC-Con 2017 Prince George, BC, CA
Oct 28-29 SkyCon 2017 Kitchener Ontario, ON, CA
Oct 28-31 Game Lab Oregon TEST EVENT - DO NOT register (or do?) Portland, OR, US
Nov 2-5 Gameholecon Madison, WI, US
Nov 3 new campaign Out of the abyss (hard cover) Berkley, CA, US
Nov 3-5 Nekocon 2017 RPG Organized Play Hampton, VA, US
Nov 4 3rd Annual Extra Life Benefit at Giga Bites Cafe 2017 Marietta, GA, US
Nov 4 Barovia Benefit Event at GKMV - Adventurers League Mountain View, CA, US
Nov 4 Crazy Squirrels Extra Life Gameday (Adventurer's League) Fresno, CA, US
Nov 4 Gryphcon Shadow 2017 - Pathfinder Society Guelph, ON, CA
Nov 4 International Games Day @ Chicago Public Library - Free Chicago, IL, US
Nov 4 The Battle for Shadowfang Keep indianapolis, IN, US
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