Character levels 3-6

Written by Diego Valdez, Emily Parks, Joseph Blomquist, and Sam Phelan


When agents aren't travelling across the galaxy in search of ancient civilizations, the Starfinder Society often sends its agents to showcase their skills with various Pact Worlds corporations. Each of these adventures showcase different roles the Starfinder Society takes in the corporate world. From testing out new firearms and starships, to battling escaped outsiders used as corporate experiments, the PCs have the perfect chance to showcase their skills!

Corporate Interests includes five, 1-hour adventures that involve AbadarCorp, Arabani Arms, Frozen Trove, Resurgent Technologies, and Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems.

Released October 2019.

Maps used: Starfinder Flip-Mats: Asteroid, Basic Starfield, Spaceport

SFS 2-10: Corporate Interests cover art