Character levels 11-16

Written by Andrew Bishkinskyi


Go beyond Avernus! Visit Maladomini, the Seventh Layer of Hell, in this epic 8-hour adventure for characters of levels 11 to 16!

A prisoner with knowledge vital to the safeguarding of Faerûn is held in Maladomini, the seventh of the Nine Hells. Retrieving her is a blood-tinted guided tour of all of this plane has to offer.

There are bargains to be made and infernal bureaucracy to be navigated in Grenpoli, the City of Politics. In Malagard, the imperfect monument, a melancholy lethargy threatens to overtake the weak. At Offalion, deadly brigades of devils train eternally to assault the mortal realms. Laughter and screams ring out in symphony from the barbaric playground of the Carnival Eternal.

Waiting to welcome adventurers to all its sights are the Rulers of Maladomini themselves.

An 8-hour adventure for Tier 3 characters (optimized for APL 13).

CCC-6SWORDS-01 - Six Swords Out of Hell cover art